When will we be back together for Sunday Gatherings?
We do not know the exact date at this moment. This is dependent on both CDC and recommendations from our health advisors at Red Door along with the Base Camp construction. 
This says we will not be back until September... Could we be back earlier?
Yes. There is a chance we could return sooner. This grid is intended to be a broad overview of what we are confident can be expected. With that said... It is 2020 and there are not guarantees on this timeline. Everything is subject to change. The key is to remain flexible. 
Can we meet with our groups on Sunday for the livestream?
Absolutely! We would encourage getting together for the livestream on Sunday. It is time to begin increasing your circles of personal interaction. As always, use your best judgement and care fo those in your group who are most susceptible and at risk of COVID-19. 
Will we have to wear masks when we return?
We don't know.  We will be following CDC guidelines and recommendations. The closer we get we will layout a one month plan including guidelines.