Groups are at the center of our Heaven to Earth mission and they are the best way for you to get connected into the Red Door family. They give you a chance to connect in a real way and to experience life on mission.

How do I get involved in a Group?

All you need to do is hit Join A Connect Group below or send us an email at and we will help get you involved in a group that matches up with your location and availability as best as possible.

What is a Connect Group?

Connect Groups are the best way to get into a group here at Red Door. It is a 6-week trek through what makes our heart beat at Red Door. You will get to know some of our elders, our staff team, and some other families as we share meals and life together for those weeks together.

Once your Connect Group wraps up, you will have a few options available. You may want to join one of our current groups or start a new group with some of the families in your Connect Group.

Connect Groups occur Sunday Night from 6pm-8pm.

How many groups are there at Red Door?

We have an ever-increasing number of groups at Red Door. Check out this list to see how many groups we have and where they are across the city.

What is the role of the group leader?

Group Leaders are not perfect people or Super-Christians. They are simply men and women who have come to realize they are fully known and fully loved by our God and want others to know that same love.

The Group Leaders are there to provide both Invitation and Challenge. They will invite you into their homes, and into their lives and the lives of the group. They will also, over time, begin to challenge everyone in the group to grow and learn to live as Sons and Daughters of God.

Do I have to come every week?

We ask that you make this group a priority. We understand life happens and things come up, but in general, we would love for you to attend every week.

What if I don’t like my group?

We ask that you try the group out for 6 weeks. If the group is not a good fit, you can exit at that point. You can start with a new group during the next session.

What does a Group night look like?

Every group is different as the leaders of the group setup what that group will do. However, there are some basics many of the group share. Many groups share dinner together (or a snack), dig into the sermon teaching from Sunday, or walk through a book together. Every group also has some sort of mission they do together, whether that is working with food pantries, or orphans, or any number of things both local and global.