SERVE local

This mission of Heaven to Earth means that the Church is more than a Sunday morning gathering, it is a collection of rescued people who get their hands dirty loving their neighbors and sharing this rescue. Discover how you can get involved right here in our city.

younglife + Wyldlife

YL + WL is an organization that loves high-school and middle-school students exactly where they are. Volunteer leaders enter into the brokenness with the hope of sharing The Gospel with their high-school aged friends. At Red Door we believe in loving and encouraging our YL + WL  leaders in whatever way we can so that they are set up for success. Whether it be notes, recourses, or gift cards we want to be there for them as they love on high-school students.
Gift Cards
We enjoy loving on Red Doorians who lead YL by periodically gifting them with gift cards to places where they can hang out with their high school students.
Every year we find great joy in helping leaders get their high school friend to summer camp by supplying funds for ‘camperships’
Group Opportunity
Your group can ‘adopt’ a YL team to love on, support, mentor and encourage in their ministry.

the father's house

The Father’s House project was created to support families specifically through foster care. It will be a space where foster families can live in community with each other — allowing families to be surrounded by others who are fostering as well. Foster care can be such a challenging endeavor that being around people who understand what you are dealing with can really determine whether or not you are successful. Father’s House will also be used to provide resources for Foster care givers in the area through classes, events, etc.
Our main goal at the Father’s House is to renovate specific areas of the home by getting our hands dirty and our muscles a little achy.
Yard Work
Sprucing up is always needed in the large grounds at the Father’s House. There is need for racking, gardening and beautifying.
Group Opportunity
Your group can have a group outing to serve together at the Father’s House.

foster & adoption support

Jesus’ heart is for the orphan and our prayer is that Red Door’s heart would be the same. Our goal is to come alongside of families who actively love the orphans. We partner with BCCS {Butler County Children Services} and couples within Red Door who have fostering & adoption experience.
Provide Respite
We are building up a support system for Red Door families who are foster parents. You can love them by providing respite care for their children in their homes.
Mentoring Program
We have couples that have already gone through the adoption and foster process. They are willing to mentor other families who are interested in beginning the process.

the healing center

We are partnering with The Healing Center in Cincinnati. The Healing Center offers practical, social, and spiritual support to individuals and families. Services include, but are not limited to: food and clothing, job skills training and job search assistance, auto repair (Saturdays only), mentoring, financial counseling, tutoring, prayer, life skills training, and helpful information about local community services. Click here to get more information!
Serve Individually
Any and all skills can be used to serve those in need at the Healing Center. You can serve as often as you are able.
Group Opportunity
Your entire group can pick an evening to serve at the Healing Center together. This is a great place to grow together.