STUDENTSTUF is all about helping our kids in double digits (10+) take their next steps towards engaging with the Gathering as they mature physically and spiritually.

NoteSTUF Journals

As kids get into double digits they are going to be ready to leave KIDSTUF behind for something that shows everyone their maturity but still engages their creativity and imagination. Kids are going to want to stop at the Equipegration table to get their very own NoteStuf Journal to engage with the Sunday morning teaching. The journal is specifically designed for them and comes with a handy card that gives them some guidance for ways they can use their journals. After each Gathering they can visit the Equipegration table to show off how they are using their journal and to pick up a small gift to help them personalize it! The NoteStuf Journal is also great for parents who are looking for ways to talk with their student about the teaching through the week.