SUNDAY MORNINGS  9:15 + 11:15

1140 Smiley Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45240
Park to the front or side of Basecamp and head into the main entrance where you can find the atrium and auditorium for our Gathering.
Walking into a new place could be like the awkward first date experience. We get it. So… if you have any questions before you visit, please email us at [email protected]  or give us a call at (513) 549-5390.
We are excited to be together in person after such a long season apart. However, we know that not everyone is comfortable being in person yet, so if you feel more comfortable worshipping online, we will continue to live stream our Gatherings at 9:15AM + 11:15AM.

Sign interpreting is available at our 11:15AM gathering every Sunday.

You can view our live stream here: HERE


What should I expect when I arrive?

Base Camp is still being renovated so if you look around and think "this place doesn't look finished", you'd be right! We hope that as you return from week to week the space will continue to look more and more home-like and finished. If you need help finding something specific, feel free to ask someone at the Welcome Center. 

What is our Gathering time like?

The goal of our Gathering is to encounter the love of God. There is time to encounter God through corporate music, community prayer, listening to teaching, and receiving communion. You can expect our Gathering to last approximately 90 minutes.

At the 11:15am we offer Sign Language interpretation during the Gathering. If you have questions or would like to ask a specific question regarding ASL, you can join our Red Door Deaf Community Facebook Group

What do my kids do during the Gathering time? 

We love families around here! Kiddos newborn-PreK (0-5 years) can be checked in at the Kids area. Kids in K-4th grade can stop by the Stuf Table to grab an interactive KidStuf bag where the entire teaching has been translated into kid. Students in 5th grade and up can pick up a NoteStuf Journal to take notes, journal, and draw doodles in during the Gathering. We love having kids in the Gathering with us, but this means it sometimes gets a little... noisy. But isn't that what it means to be a part of a family? We want Sunday morning to be a time for your family, not time for a show. We understand that interruptions are a part of life so don’t feel like you must leave the service or keep your children completely quiet. Check out our FAMILY PAGE to learn more. 

How do I get more connected?

We would love to get to know you better, you can fill out this form :: CONNECT 
Once you fill out that form, our staff will reach out with information about how to get better connected and to learn more about Red Door. 


1140 Smiley Ave. Cincinnati OH 45240