immersive bible learning

Become immersed in biblical history and culture,  while conversing with the global church. Tour where  David shepherded, walk where Jesus walked, examine where Lazarus rose from the dead, and  much more.  While Bible Journey is taught by a seminary professor, it is still accessible to all learners—even new  Christians. Bible Journey presents the full biblical story from history to geography, archeology to anthropology, missiology to theology and more, all while discovering  the ongoing impact of the Bible today.  It allows students to learn at their own pace, where and when they want, delivering compact lectures, immersive 360° on-site videos in the holy land, and an inductive learning structure that encourages churches to deeply engage with Scripture.

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old testament in one year

3 Comprehensive Bible Studies

22 courses with over 100 lessons including workbooks, videos, maps and other resources.

Intensive Curriculum 

In-depth courses addressing the themes, terms, structure and narrative of Scripture.


Discover the impact of the Scriptures on Christians throughout history and around the world.

online study

With the annual plan, you will have complete access to the entire curriculum for the entire year. Giving 1-3 hours a week of time, for a pace of 2-3 lessons per week, you will complete every book of the Old Testament in 2022.

IN-person cohorts

The Scriptures were never meant to be learned alone. On the third Saturday of each month, come together for discussion on the past’s months’ lessons and deeper study into the themes and context introduced during your study.

Ready to commit?

One year // 1-3 hours a week // One Saturday a month
One Annual Pass // $50
12 Person Cohort
Open until December 31th

INformation Meeting

December 12th after both Gatherings
Contact [email protected] for more information