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Gathering together and breaking bread, discussing life, and studying the Word are important to the formation of spiritual rhythms. That is why we offer many studies and groups for anyone to join. We have topical studies, men's and women's studies, and even a journey through the entire Bible in two years! We have groups that meet all over the city. No matter what season you are in, we have something for everyone. Check out all of the current and upcoming Studies & Groups below.

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We have several ways for you to jump into groups that are meeting now. Groups are central to being in community together, we hope you join in. 

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Here's a look at the Studies we have coming up here at Red Door! Find the one that's right for you and register here.

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An immersive, communal experience through the whole bible that makes sense of the entire story so you can begin to grasp the scriptures for yourself.

If you’ve only experienced the Bible as an ancient, complex assortment of strange texts then it can seem like it’s only able to be understood after years of full time academic study. If that's the case, is it even worth trying to understand?. Isn’t it better to just rely on books, sermons, podcasts and devotions to tell me what the Bible means and how it applies to my life?

Anchored by 100’s of hours of video lectures (many taking place on location in the holy land), Bible Journey is a comprehensive online program guiding you to participate in textual analysis and interpretive discourse. Along with independent online work, we will meet together weekly to bring together what we’ve discovered and spurn each other on to transformation.

Bible Journey can ignite or rekindle a personal and communal love of Scripture by guiding us to understand the cultural and historical context, shaping our worldview for today, and teaching us how to teach ourselves the Bible.

our next bible journey cohort will begin january 2024

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