New Year Update

The end of the year brought a big slowdown to the progress on the building. We had a massive delay with the company who were doing the technical drawings for the HVAC, plumbing, and electric work. However - good news! - they are now done.

We are now waiting for the contractors to fix adjust their cost estimates based on the technical drawings. This should bring their initial estimates down some which is a great thing. Once we approve the numbers the contractors for all the "guts" will get started. When they are done fixing all the insides we will be able to fire up the drywall team, then the flooring, then the paint crew, and then the finishings.

It's been a slow 6 weeks but we believe the next steps will begin soon.

Prayers for this coming month are...
  • Contractors to begin
  • Finding a better price on the front windows
  • The delay from the company doing the tech drawings will not bump us outside of the contractor's open time frame.