Contractor Bids

We had the Fire and Alarm contractor out installing this past week and that work is now in place.  We are receiving all the updated bids from contractors this week. We will be making our final selections and awarding contracts so work can begin soon. We expect the work to begin picking back up in earnest in February. This will install the updated HVAC, Electric, and Plumbing.

This unfortunate delay with the technical drawings has pushed the entire schedule back. The upside is that we submitted for the drawings very early in this process hoping to have them back early. If we had waited until the "normal" time to submit for these we would have been waaaaaaayyyy behind.

We will be talking updated timeline and schedule at the Door Holder meeting this coming Sunday Evening. Prayers can continue for wisdom in selection of these contractors and for a smooth process moving forward. We cannot say enough good things about the primary construction contractors - Hunn Construction - and are excited to get them back in the building once all these technical contractors are finished.

Onward and Upward!