2024 teaching series

Welcome to your origin story. Genesis is the book of beginnings, the book of covenants, the book of blessings and curses, failures and faithfulness. But at its center is a picture of a God unlike any other offered in the ancient world, or for that matter, even in our modern world. Come discover a God in whose image you were made. The Genesis series will have 3 layers that shape our year. Each one is designed to bring you into a fuller and richer experience of this beautiful book passed down from generation to generation.




  • Sunday Gatherings
  • Community Garden
  • (Re)Genesis App
  • Group Discussions
  • A Night of Joseph
  • Scholar's Series
  • UNPKD Podcast

The Scholar's series

We are excited about the upcoming Scholar's Series and look forward to the launch on Friday, March 1 with Dr. Tim Laniak. These will be sure to push your thinking and understanding of this beautiful book of Genesis. Each night will include a lecture and a time of Q+A.
Dr. Tim Laniak, Th.D
Friday, March 1st
Dr. Laniak is the Senior Professor of Biblical Studies at Gordon-Conwell Seminary and the founder of Bible Journey - an interactive immersion in the story of the Old and New Testaments.
Dr. David Palmer, Ph.D
Friday, May 31
Dr. Palmer is a New Testament scholar and Pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church in Cincinnati, OH. Dr. Palmer has a passion to show the Gospel of Jesus in every nook and cranny of Scripture, and is sure to make an impact on our church. 
Dr. John Walton, Ph.D
Friday + Saturday, October 18-19
Dr. Walton is one of the premier OT theologians in the world. His commentary on Genesis and his "Lost World" series have been foundational to understanding Genesis in it's ancient culture and context.


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