Once upon a time... 

There was a great treasure created by God that was more valuable than anything ever created in the history of the world.  

Genesis 1-2


That treasure was lost so far and so deep into the earth that no could ever find it no matter how hard they tried.

Genesis 3-11

across time...

Everyone everywhere searched and search and searched for it.  But no matter how close they got, they could not find it. It seemed like it would be lost forever.

Genesis 12 - Malachi 4

but one day... 

Jesus came from heaven to find this treasure that was lost. And do you know what he found? He found you. You are the lost treasure!

The Gospels


Jesus invites use to join him in finding more of his lost treasure. We can seek His Kingdom and His people and tell everyone who they really are. They are His great treasure!

Acts - Jude

in the end... 

All that is lost will be found and all that is broken will be new. We well be His treasure and He will be ours forever and ever!