NOVEMBER 16 — 17 — 18
This year’s Feast is a return to Basecamp. We will all gather together on one night.  Join us as we share a meal and share a vision for bringing a little taste of heaven to our slice of earth in Greater Cincy.
This one meal we share in will lead to hundreds of other meals across our city on Thanksgiving Day. In other words... your feasting creates a feast for others!  Pick a night that works for you - and all your friends! - and come enjoy a great meal and take home a Feast Bag that you will fill with all the Thanksgiving goodness to create an epic Thanksgiving meal for another family. Or take 2 or 3 and create even more meals for families in need!
Once you sign up for the Dinner you will want to scroll down and sign up for the Delivery too. This is the best part of The Feast and the night where everything comes together!
NOVEMBER 20 — 21
Welcome to the epic culmination of The Feast!

This is the night where we invite all the families we are serving this year to Basecamp to pickup their Thanksgiving Meals. When they arrive, they are invited in to enjoy an evening of music, cider, cocoa, and all sorts of Holiday goodness. We need our Red Door family to be at Basecamp on these nights to be a welcoming presence and the light of Christ for these precious families.
 All of our Spanish and French speaking families are coming on Tuesday night.  For those of you who are conversational in Spanish or French we want to have you specifically join in on that evening.

the Shopping List

Want to get started early?
Here are the items that are included in the Feast bag this year. We have made the list and now you can check it twice, and bring it in no matter if you are naughty or nice!

give Turkey Dollars

Want to help buy turkeys this year?
Each year we purchase the turkeys in bulk for our amazing Feast Bags. You can help purchase the turkeys this year by donating  turkey dollars through the link below.

do you Know a family in need of help this Thanksgiving?

Most of the families we serve for the Feast are selected through our partners at Butler County Success, the Forest Park Police Dept, and Winton Woods Schools along with other community partners, in  Fairfield, Forest Park, and throughout greater Cincinnati.

However, if you know of a family in need of a Thanksgiving meal please let us know by emailing and we can add them to our list of families we want to provide for this Thanksgiving.