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K-1st — Weekly Discussion guides

old testament review: Week 2 // Exodus - Ruth

WEEK OF 7.7.24 - 7.13.24
Your child reviewed the stories of Exodus-Ruth and discovered God’s Great Rescue Plan.

Today, your child learned to summarize the books of Exodus-Ruth with hand motions and symbols when you read a scripted line to them. They also created their own story book. Review their summary and story book together.
    • LINE: No sooner were the Israelites out of Egypt than they started complaining about God!
      • HAND MOTION: Hands around mouth, mouth open, tongue sticking out
    • LINE: They even started worshipping a baby cow when Moses was away!
      • HAND MOTION: Hands folded, eyes closed, worship motion

    • LINE: So God put the Israelites on a 40-year timeout to think things over!
      • HAND MOTION: Use right hand to show #4, then 0

    • LINE: Then Joshua led them into Canaan, and God helped them win battle after battle to claim the Promised Land!
      • HAND MOTION: Hands in air, cheering for victory
    • LINE: But they got into a cycle of worshipping their neighbors’ gods, getting in trouble, and then turning to the REAL God to bail them out. The Cycle of APOSTASY!

      • HAND MOTION: Use pointer finger to make circle motion, repeat, repeat, repeat
    • LINE: The leaders that helped them get out of trouble were called “judges.”
      • HAND MOTION: Make pounding motion pretending to hit a gavel